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Turkey - Istanbul Metro - Crossing highway in low coverage for pedestrian tunnels

Mancini M.
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Gallerie e grandi opere sotterranee N.109/2014

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The Kadikoy - Kartal Metro Line alignment develops underground along the highway linking Istanbul to Ankara, includes 2 carriageways, (4 lanes each) and emergency, average width of 35 meters. During the works of the metro line, it was of a great importance doesn’t interfere with the path of the highway. For the underpasses required to connect the two sides of the main road, for reasons related to geological soil type and for logistics choice, it is applied a system known as “pipe jacking” in only 3 stations: Goztepe, Gülsuyu and Cevizli, while for the others proceeded with the classic feed with umbrella coverage. The traditional methods could not be applied for the small thickness of the cover, forepoling or bolts with a few degrees slope can go to affect the coverage and possible underground services lying in the thickness of the roadway. The crossing was performed horizontally on the theoretical excavation line of the future subway tunnel with 600 mm diameter pipe and 13 mm thickness, then welded to each other and driven into the ground by a micro tunnel machine after performing the fitting of a tube-guide from 135 mm which functions as a pivot for all the operations of this methodology and that is recovered and removed at the end of the process.