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Forms of promotion: texts, contexts and cultures

Vasta Nicoletta
Forms of promotion: texts, contexts and cultures
ISBN/EAN: 9788855528887
Pubblicazione: 2006
Pagine: 264
Formato: 17 x 24
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Forms of promotion: texts, contexts and cultures


Print Ads in the Consumer Culture: Verbal, visual and cultural readings - Images Become Arguable: Oliviero Toscani’s advertisements for United Colors of Benetton - It’s a Question of Life or Death: Cultural differences in advertising private pensions - Multimodal Texts: The analysis, translation, and subtitling of advertising texts - Promoting Comparative Multimodal Concordancing: Its role in language education, teacher training, subtitling and minority language learning - Ali That Glitters: Information and persuasion in political websites - The Spin-doctor and the Wolf-pack: Rhetorics in conflict at the White House - Packaging the Presidency: Electoral texts in the cultural context of the American Dream - Packaging the Peace: The Irish Times’s presentation of the Easter 1998 Northern Ireland Settlement - Promoting One’s Party as ‘the Solution’: Prospective and retrospective fears in two Labour Party political broadcasts.

Vasta Nicoletta

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