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Yard sales: nuova vita per l’usato

Betti Simone
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Geotema N.51/2016

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Yard Sales: new life for and to used goods 

Analyzing the diachronic evolution, spread and distribution of the yard sales, also because of the latest technological innovations, has been the goal of this paper. This work shows the various dynamics that underlie the trade of used goods by private individuals or groups. In Italy this practice is still under development or recently growing for some groups. The international literature on the sales and consumption of used goods has been the starting point. From the survey conducted on foreign experiences have emerged several factors that, to a different extent, have encouraged the growth or spread of new second-sharing modes. An arising issue seems to be whether the use and trade used goods have taken on a new role of social identity builders. Moreover, together with these realities there is a growing interest towards a better sustainable economy. This is also carried out through the creation of “reuse centers” promoting the education of younger generations in a more responsible consumption and the ability to recreate and give new forms to already alienated objects. 

Keywords: ethical consumption, market geography, sustainable economy, yard sales.