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Neural Models for the Automatic Processing of Italian

Tamburini Fabio
Neural Models for the Automatic Processing of Italian
ISBN/EAN: 9788855535762
Pubblicazione: 2022
Pagine: 276
Formato: 17 x 24
Materia: Linguistica
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Neural Models for the Automatic Processing of Italian

The volume reports the author’s research experiences and experiments in developing solutions in the various areas of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. The book focuses mainly on applications based on Deep Neural Networks, but contrasting these approaches with the methodologies used in the past, and it is organised in such a way as to both describe the state of the art in this discipline, examining the studies proposed by the author, and to outline a useful path also for the training of young scholars and students. Following the same spirit, the volume can be profitably read both by people more concentrated on humanistic studies and people with more technical interests.


Tamburini Fabio

Fabio Tamburini obtained a degree in Computer Science with distinction applying neural networks to pattern recognition problems. He received a PhD in Electronics and Computer Science Engineering from the University of Bologna, defending a thesis on the Automatic Detection of Prosodic Prominence in Continuous Speech. He is now full professor in the same university, where, during the past decades, he has been teaching various Computational Linguistics and Applied Linguistics courses both at undergraduate and master level. His main scientific interests span through Natural Language and Speech Processing, AI & Machine Learning and Corpus Linguistics. 

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