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RaStEM: an ISPRA application for the analysis of the mitigation effects of hydrogeological risk mitigation measures

Dessì Paola Rischia Irene
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GEAM N. 166/2022

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The National Repository of hydrogeological risk mitigation measures (ReNDiS) is the platform for monitoring measures funded by MiTE from 1999 onwards which aims to managing the evaluation of funding requests coming from Regions. The platform currently contains 6,402 measures for € 6.962 billion and 9,249 project proposals corresponding to € 29.141 billion. In the consistent case history of measures for hydrogeological risk mitigation, it has been highlighted that designs do not always adequately take into account the typological and spatial characteristics of the instability and the relations that exist between these and elements at risk. Starting from this consideration, ISPRA developed a web application, RaStEM (Standardized Representation of Mitigation Effects), with the aim of providing technicians with a public and freely accessible tool that allows them to represent, in a simplified way standardized on national scale, the significant elements of hydrogeological risk mitigation designs. The expected result is to contribute to spreading a correct design approach in which the elements that contribute to defining the risk scenario are always clearly documented, even in their geographical component; this approach also allows the drafting of projects according to the criteria defined by the DPCM (Prime Ministerial Decree) of 09/27/2021 to be included in national funding programs.

Keywords: ReNDiS, RaStEM, hydrogeological risk, mitigation measures, designs, programming, planning.