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Vulnerability assessment of different types of building structures to debris flow events

Miteva Tanja Prina Howald Erika
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GEAM N. 165/2022

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Debris flow events are responsible for a fair amount of disasters worldwide that have caused a great deal of damages in the built environment. All the same, this phenomenon has caused many casualties. It is therefore, amongst the most dangerous natural hazards due to the elevated impact pressures it can reach. Debris flow destructive character is the main reason for the abundant research done regarding the processes of debris flow itself as well as the interaction between the latter and the built environment. Nevertheless, there is still no general approach available for quantification of the physical vulnerability of the built environment to debris flow events. The present paper aims towards attaining a universal method for quantification of the vulnerability appertaining to the built environment, taking into consideration the buildings features that contribute to their vulnerability. To this end, in this work, will be presented and evaluated the existing methodologies for the vulnerability assessment of different types of buildings to debris flow and then, will be presented our own suggestion. The final aim of this paper is the construction of vulnerability curves based on the resistance of a given building typology and therefore its vulnerability to debris flow and debris flow intensity.

Keywords: Debris flow; Building vulnerability; Vulnerability curves.